26 Mar 21

Ford Canada recalls 2018-20 models over tire blowout risk

US automaker Ford has announced a recall on certain years of its Escape SUV and F series pickups in Canada following a defect notification filed by its supplier, Continental Tire of America.

Certain tires supplied to Ford and other auto manufacturers may have been cured beyond specification and affected tires may experience a carcass break in the sidewall, possibly resulting in sudden air loss or belt edge separation which may lead to partial or full tread/belt loss.

Although this could potentially lead to a crash, Ford is unaware of any related reports of accident or injury. The affected models are Escape (2019), F-150 (2018), F-250 (2019-2020), and F-350 (2018-2020).

This tire recall is part of an overall recall in late March on nearly 275,000 vehicles which also includes defective driver-side airbags on older vehicle models (2006-2012). The affected models are Fusion, Edge, Ranger, Mercurey Milan, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, and Lincoln MKX.

photo (source: Ford)

Authored by: Daniel Bland