13 Mar 19

New Geotab GO9 telematics device adds power, functionality and accuracy

The new Geotab GO device has arrived. Called GO9, Geotab’s next generation fleet tracking device has the same physical appearance as the GO8, but internally it has been redesigned from the ground up.

The GO9 features a powerful new 32-bit processor, four times more memory and five times more RAM than its predecessor, which dramatically improves longevity and lets it work with a wider array of functions.

Geotab has also included the latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module to support increasingly accurate location data. Like always, fleets can view vehicle location, trip history, and all their vehicle and driving trends data in the MyGeotab application.

Gyroscope added

The addition of a gyroscope is something to note. Geotab already offers exceptional harsh-event data (acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.) and collision reconstruction through patented algorithms and the GO device’s accelerometer. The inclusion of a gyroscope in the GO9 enriches the data with additional granularity.

The GO9 can track and analyse vehicle movement more accurately than before, particularly on winding or bumpy roads. The enhanced level of data is especially important for collision reconstruction, where a more in-depth, second-by-second breakdown of events is required.

Compatible with EV

Fleets will increasingly be incorporating electrified vehicles and Geotab built its new device with this in mind. The GO9 offers the same EV support as the GO8, plus it has the capability to expand to future needs.

Even if you are taking the very first steps towards electrification, the G09 is a good option because it means you will be ready when the time comes. The GO9 along with the Geoab open platform gives you the flexibility to support future use cases as the market and technology shifts.

The GO9 will first be available in North America, with other markets following later this year.

Source: Geotab blog, authored by Marcy Magel


Authored by: Dieter Quartier