31 Oct 18

Keys to boosting Brazil’s EV market

Improving the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Brazil depends much on the will of local governments, according to Adelberto Maluf who is director of marketing, sustainability and new business in Latin America for Chinese automaker BYD.

“It is good that the federal government has deregulated the types of businesses that can build electric recharging stations, thus stimulating more implementation. However, we still need better tax breaks aimed at pushing the use of EVs. More space is needed to stimulate new technologies,” Maluf told Global Fleet.

Moreover, although EV charging is already growing in homes, businesses, and around cities, what we need is better inter-municipal recharging infrastructure on longer road stretches, added the executive.

“Finally, we need better regulation and government incentives aimed at discouraging transportation modes that emit large amounts of pollution. This includes bus, taxi, Uber, garbage truck, and government fleets,” said Maluf.

Photo: Brazil's capital (Source: AFP)

Authored by: Daniel Bland