2 Aug 19

Audi launches €10,000 cheaper e-tron with 300km range

Competition in the premium D SUV segment is firing up with the arrival of the Mercedes EQC. That may be the reason why Audi is launching an entry-level model of the e-tron called 50 Quattro, which costs about €58,000 excluding VAT - a whopping €10,000 less than the 55 Quattro model.

The main difference is the battery pack, evidently. The 55 Quattro has a 95kWh pack (of which 84kWh can be used effectively) yielding 417km or range according to the WLTP. The 50 Quattro houses a 71kWh battery (gross) and allegedly needs a recharge every 300 km (WLTP).

Another difference is power. The 50 features two motors with a total output of 230kW, the 55 has 70kW more.In this respect, a price advantage of €10,000 seems interesting. It is however unclear what Audi will do with the standard specification of the entry-level model.



Authored by: Dieter Quartier