30 Jan 24

Ecolab orders 1,000 Ford EVs in net zero drive

Ecolab has placed an order for 1,000 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro trucks and Mustang Mach-E SUVs to electrify its fleet in California.

The electric vehicles will be deployed in Ecolab’s sales and service fleet, which will be 100% electric in California by 2025.

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Accelerated EV program

The water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions company has also announced that it plans to accelerate the electrification of its entire 11,000 light duty vehicle fleet in North America, with a goal of zero tailpipe emissions by 2030.

Converting its North American fleet to battery power by the end of the decade will also provide a significant boost to Ecolab’s net-zero commitments.

“Sustainability is core to our purpose at Ecolab,” said Emilio Tenuta, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ecolab. “By accelerating the electrification of our fleet, we are further growing the positive impact we can have on the world. Ecolab’s switch to EVs in North America is part of our holistic electrification strategy, building on our launch of EV pilot programs in Europe and investments in renewable energy projects to meet 100% of our electricity demand in North America and Europe." 

Ford relationship

Ecolab already had a long-standing relationship with Ford— 95% of its light duty vehicles in North America have a blue oval.

“In this next phase in our relationship with Ford, we will move quickly and at scale to demonstrate how businesses can improve profits, leverage renewable electricity and deploy cutting-edge EV solutions for the betterment of employees, business and the planet over time,” said Christophe Beck, Chairman and CEO, Ecolab. “We grow our business by doing what’s right and doing it well.”

Charging and telematics

Ford Pro will supply both charging and telematics software to help Ecolab maximize vehicle performance and fleet productivity.

Ecolab’s internal financial models forecast a lower total cost of ownership for the new EVs, compared to the internal combustion engine vehicles they will replace, thanks to lower fuel costs, reduced service downtime and cheaper maintenance costs. Fuel expenditure, for example, should halve for the F-150 Lightning Pro truck, saving approximately $1,400 per vehicle each year.

Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO, said: “Together, we’re showing that sustainability is good for the bottom line and the environment.”

Images: Ecolab

Authored by: Jonathan Manning