12 Oct 17

BMW : EV joint venture in China

BMW, who had another succesfull year in China with 11.3% growth, is looking for a second partnership with a Chinese manufacturer. In addition to the JV with Brilliance Automotive, BMW, is eyeing Great Wall, one of China's largest car makers. Great Wall has recently secured its supplies of lithium, necessary to develop EV's.

It is not unlikely that Great Wall will produce EV's for BMW or Mini. China has put regulations in place to achieve 10% of total car sales in 2019 to be plug-in power trains. BMW is the next in line after Tesla, Ford Motor Co., Daimler AG and GM to announce plans for making electric cars in China. 

Great Wall has previously expressed interest in Jeep and the rumours of the JV resulted in a 19.2% rise in share value on the Hong Kong market,

Authored by: Yves Helven