8 Jun 17

Global Fleet Conference 2017: ALD-Wheels Alliance knows how to make fleets prosper in Latin America

In the run-up to the 2017 Global Fleet Conference, the ALD-Wheels Alliance hosted a Global Fleet Insights round table in Miami for its customers, focused on Latin America. That region is increasingly attractive to global corporates looking for growth, but its size and diversity generate a significant amount of fleet management challenges.
The Alliance struck by Wheels, the North American fleet management and leasing specialist and ALD, the France-based global leasing and mobility solutions provider, is uniquely placed to respond to those challenges. Via own subsidiaries or partnerships, it is present in 12 countries throughout the Latin American region – more than any other international fleet supplier.

Regional guidance 
“With its wide presence and deep local knowledge of the reason, the Alliance is well placed to advise international customers on how to optimise their fleets throughout the region”, says Pascal Vitantonio, General Manager of ALD Automotive Brazil. For one, by helping them transition from proprietary to outsourced fleets via full service leasing or the offering of fleet management services, typically resulting in significant cost savings. Or by leveraging the Alliance’s region-wide approach, creating efficiencies. Or by locally offering the innovative products and services the Alliance sources from its global network, and its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the industry.
As the round table concluded, the main obstacle for multinational companies and their global fleet managers aiming to optimise their fleets in Latin America is not their lack of willingness or professionalism, but their lack of knowledge. Other areas where support is needed is safety and driver behaviour; managing local volatility and cultural habits; and creating a balance between international objectives and regional and local customer satisfaction. And that is exactly where the Wheels-ALD Alliance comes in, as demonstrated during this Latin America round table via different case studies and best practices .

Authored by: Steven Schoefs