10 Jan 18

How much do cars in Mexico depreciate?

The value of a car in Mexico depreciates 27% on average once it leaves the dealership and 10%/y thereafter, according to data from local online car sales portal Carmatch.

From 2016-17, the car which experienced the least drop in price throughout the one-year period was the the Suzuiki S-Cross which depreciated 25.8%. It was followed by the Ford Fiesta (down 26.1%), Nissan Tiida (26.8%), Mazda 3 (27.3%) and Honda Odyssey (27.6%).

As for cars which saw the largest drop in value, Mercedes Benz Clase E depreciated 55% in the 12-month period, followed by the Audi S8 (dropping 52.2%), Buick Regal (52%), Chevrolet Traverse (51.8%), and Cadillac SRX (50.7%).

Authored by: Daniel Bland