12 Oct 17

Porsche launches subscription in North America 

Instead of buying a Porsche outright, how about renting one on a monthly basis? That is the idea behind Porsche Passport, a new subscription service launched by Porsche Cars North America. 

Porsche Passport is an app-based programme that includes unlimited mileage and on-demand access to different Porsche sports cars and SUVs. Subscribers will be able to change vehicles often, or to keep them as long as they like. 

Porsche Passport is available in two membership plans: Launch (on-demand access to eight model options for $2,000/month) and Accelerate (22 models for $3,000/month). 
The programme is currently running in pilot, and will be expanded if successful. Porsche has outsourced customer interaction to Clutch Technologies. 

The German automaker is not the first luxury brand to launch such a subscription service. This year already saw the launch of Care by Volvo and Book by Cadillac, which also include in the monthly fee elements such as vehicle delivery, unlimited mileage, vehicle tax and registration, insurance and maintenance.

Image: Porsche

Authored by: Frank Jacobs