12 Aug 17

VWFS South Africa picks Bynx as IT partner

VW Financial Services South Africa (VWFS ZA) has picked Bynx, the specialist fleet and leasing management software provider, to be its strategic IT partner. Bynx has been established in South Africa for 25 years, and understands the South African vehicle leasing market. 
The company will assist VWFS ZA in its drive to attract vehicle fleet and leasing customers with bynxFLEET. Live since 4 April, bynxFLEET is a complete end-to-end platform for fleet and leasing management, of proven stability and adaptable to VWFS ZA's business model.  
“We’ve been involved in consumer leasing for some time but business leasing is more involved and complex in South Africa. As this is a joint venture with a bank, upstream reporting - plus compliance and governance - are critical and bynxFLEET offers best practice functionality in those areas”, Patrik Riese, managing director of sales and marketing at VWFS ZA was quoted in Asset Finance International
As VWFS ZA has no in-house technical resources, Bynx committed to SLAs (service level agreements) for the whole managed service, including technical software support and infrastructure for a 100% outsourced solution.
A further phase in the future includes the client portal, which will allow fleet managers to login and monitor vehicles – from quotes through procurement and all vehicle in life actions.
Image: Bynx
Authored by: Frank Jacobs