2 Apr 20

COVID-19: UVeye provides safety inspections for emergency vehicles

Mobility tech company UVeye has developed a conctact-free system for emergency-vehicle inspections suited for the COVID-19 crisis. With its thermal sensors, the system can both detect critical vehicle-safety problems and identify drivers and passengers with fevers, even through car windshields. 

The company, based in Israel and the US, is offering to install the vehicle-inspection equipment on a not-for-profit basis on fleets with emergency tasks related to the crisis, such as ambulance and police fleets, but also food and medical delivery services.

“Our technology can help fleet operators maintain their vehicles in safe operating condition without the need for ‘hands-on’ testing or inspection,” said Amir Hever, UVeye’s founder and CEO. “As crisis conditions ease, we also will be able to assist car dealers, independent garages and vehicle rental agencies in setting up inspection lanes that can ensure that their mechanics are not exposed to the virus.”

UVeye already has several orders from the UK and US for the thermal inspection systems and says it can start installing them next week. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs