19 Dec 18

Effective fleet management involves lowering collision rates

Effective fleet management is being able to deal with a wide variety of challenges when it comes to keeping your fleet up and running and your drivers safe, according to Fleet LatAm Advisory Board member Ernesto Pesochinsky.

“Both of these goals require lowering collision rates and this is where our system comes into play,” says Pesochinsky who is aftermarket division director of Mobileye, the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) subsidiary of the Intel Company. 

Even more benefits can be seen when integrating Mobileye’s system with telematics. The data from these combined systems give fleet managers the ability to keep track of which drivers are setting off alerts, where and when these alerts are going off, and other useful information.

“Fleet managers could then, for example, reward good driver behavior, support drivers who need more assistance, and avoid dangerous locations or times of day,” the executive said.

Authored by: Daniel Bland