27 Sep 18

New international fleet safety programme launched

A new fleet driver safety service has been launched to help company drivers around the world deal with the risks they face on the road.

The service has been developed by Alertdriving, a technology company that specialises in creating digital solutions to the three key areas of driver risk identification, mitigation and monitoring.

The new service allows fleets to custom build driver safety plans, selecting content from one minute, five-minute, and 15-minute lessons.

Gerry Martin, chief executive officer at Alertdriving, said, “The increased flexibility of micro-learning translates into a more effective, engaging and enjoyable user experience, since it reduces the cognitive load on today’s busy and time-sensitive learners.”

Multi-lingual approach

The lessons are available in 52 languages covering 125 countries, helping multi-national fleets to introduce a harmonised training programme across all their operations.

Alertdriving currently has a library of 4,300 lessons, and intends to grow this to 25,000 different lessons. The online lessons can be accessed via any web browser.


Authored by: Jonathan Manning