19 Apr 17

SafeDrive Alliance offers first truly global driver safety programme

Three fleet driver safety organisations have joined forces to create a Global SafeDrive Alliance, tasked with providing the first single-source global fleet safety programme, including reporting and certification. 
The Global SafeDrive Alliance consists of the CEI Group (covering the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico), CEPA Safety (Latin and Central America), and VVCR (Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific), Its members operate on six continents and offer support in more than 35 languages. 
“For the first time, multinational companies can come to one provider to manage their entire global fleet from a single platform,” says Wayne Smolda, CEI Group president and CEO.
The Alliance helps global fleets who until now had to manage multiple vendors across various markets. It handles driver risk assessment, behavioural training and global data management, among other aspects of a global safety programme. 
“Thtanks to the Alliance, global fleets will be able for the first time to verify that their operation has adopted safety ‘best practices’ around the world”, says Fernando Cammarota, founder of CEPA Safety.
The Alliance process has three components: consultation and assessment; implementation of country-specific programmes for coaching and training; and monitoring driver behaviour. 
“The Global SafeDrive Alliance presents the first opportunity for global fleets to implement a consistent, behavioral-based and scientifically-proven driver safety programme across the world with a think global, act local approach,” emphasises Patrick Hekkert, CEO of VVCR.
Image: Global SafeDrive Alliance
Authored by: Frank Jacobs