28 May 19

Scooter Insurance with startup Voom

With scooters on the rise, so are the accidents and the need for specific scooter insurance models. The Insurance start-up Voom has an answer. 

The specialised mobility insurance startup Voom has plans to offer on-demand insurance for e-scooters among other micromobility modes. The model will be based on its drone insurance app SkyWatch.AI. The startup received $5 million from a Series A funding round last week in order to execute its idea. Moreover, once in operation, the product will be offered in the US and if successful it can be expanded internationally. With the specific insurance product, VOOM will answer the problem that many scooter riders are in fact not covered when they are involved in an accident. With the increasing number of on-demand scooter rides, providing on-demand insurance might offer a perfect answer to ride safely and without hassle.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen