22 Nov 21

Shell announces hydrogen investments in Europe, China and the USA

Shell hydrogen station.

Amid the increasing clean energy demand, Shell has announced a plan to open several hydrogen refuelling sites in China, Netherlands, Germany and California. 

The European plan aims to meet the green deal package requirements, including installing a hydrogen refuelling site at every 150 kilometres. 

The demand is also high on the West Coast of the USA with new Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda EV models recently announced. The initial plan is to build 50 refuelling sites in California. 

More hydrogen plants with governmental support 

The global plan includes a 20 MW plant to be constructed in China and Rotterdam and a project in Hamburg with a 100 MW production capacity. 

Shell plans to increase the number of hydrogen plants worldwide as similar policies like the European green deal package are to be established in the USA and other countries.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen