20 Apr 22

10 reasons to attend the Global Fleet Conference 2022

In less than two weeks, the Global Fleet Conference 2022 kicks off in Lisbon, Portugal. Haven’t booked your ticket yet? Here are 10 good reasons why you should.

1. Unique event

The Global Fleet Conference is the global fleet management event that brings together the managers of the  world’s largest multinational commercial fleets. It’s the forum where this community can focus on the unique challenges and opportunities in their ecosystem. In 2022, there will be two editions – the in-person event will take place in Cascais (near Lisbon) from 2 to 4 May; an online event is scheduled for 8 December. 

2. Dedicated networking

Online meetings have their advantages, but nothing beats a handshake – or the conversations you have over coffee during a break. In other words: the three-day event in Portugal is a fantastic opportunity to connect with contacts old and new: industry experts, peers, customers, suppliers, and more. In fact, the Global Fleet Conference includes not just informal networking but also dedicated networking meetings, such as the Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group, the Global Fleet APAC Business Networking Group and the Global Fleet Managers Club.

3. Sustainability as opportunity

Global corporates and their fleets are doing their part to minimise the impact of climate change by making their operations more sustainable – and planning to go zero-carbon. But sustainability is more than a duty – it’s also an opportunity, a lever to improve operations, especially across many divergent markets across the globe. The Global Fleet Conference presents through leadership from experts and hands-on experience from award-winning fleet managers on sustainability as an engine for global fleet management success. 

4. Valuable insight into crucial trends

Get up-to-the-minute insights into the big-picture trends that are transforming our industry, and learn about their real-world implications for your business. Not only are problems identified, solution strategies are also suggested. Among the crucial topics discussed at the Global Fleet Conference are: economic trends, global fleet strategy management, trends in regional fleet management, the unequal progress of electrification, the OEM view on carbon neutrality, supply chain issues, driver safety, and much more. Topics that matter to you, and information that will make a difference.

5. Useful theories

These days, sustainability is the trending term in fleet and mobility management. To understand the why and how of it, it helps to get a good view on the theory that underpins it – the circular economy. Sofia Santos, professor at the University of Lisbon, will present this essential concept and its wide-ranging implications: for supply chains, energy prices, and even the ongoing microchip shortage.

6. Practical knowledge

The Global Fleet Conference brings together award-winning, example-setting fleet managers, who will present the ways in which they have addressed the challenges of today’s global fleet and mobility ecosystem. Want practical fleet and mobility programmes that deliver a smooth and cost-effective transition to sustainable mobility? Find your inspiration at the Global Fleet Conference.

7. Deep-dive and get inspired

There’s information, and then there’s inspiration. We present three deep-dive sessions on the links between sustainability and Smart Technology, TCO and Smart Mobility that we know will inspire the audience to revolutionise the way they see and do business… And perhaps present their achievements at the next Global Fleet Conference.

8. Compact programme

We pack a lot of information – and networking – into just three days. If time is money, then your time at the Global Fleet Conference will be well spent indeed, thanks to our compact  conference programme.

9. Unique benchmarking, excellent networking

This is a gathering of the best and brightest industry professionals in the global fleet industry – both in terms of clients and suppliers. This presents excellent opportunities to benchmark your strategy, learn from peers and connect with potential business partners.

10. Rich in experience

It’s been 10 years since the first Global Fleet Conference, and in the years since, we’ve gotten better at delivering the event that global and regional fleet managers need. If you want to learn from and network with the best brains in the global fleet and mobility business, click here

Authored by: Frank Jacobs