17 Dec 19

AI helps Nauto revolutionise driver safety

AI-powered driver safety platform provider Nauto has unveiled what it claims is the first and only in-vehicle, real-time, AI-powered Driver Behaviour Learning Platform.

The platform, which maps directly to fleet customers’ safety programs, is able to predict, prevent and decrease high-risk driving events to help fleets reduce reported claims. Nauto says that, on average, customers report over 35% reduction with some detailing 80%.

The platform has five core modules that complement each other. How it works is that it continually analyses sensor data from driver behaviours, exterior hazards and vehicle movements, in real-time.

Five core modules

In-vehicle Alerts

Rather than sending data back to the cloud for analysis, and thus introducing a delay, In-vehicle Alerts fuses data from sensors in real-time and compares this against over 400 million AI analysed video miles and billions of telemetry data points. In this way, it’s able to notify drivers to take action to prevent collisions before they happen.

On-demand coaching

Equips fleet managers with the intelligence they need to effectively instruct drivers with formal, in-person training. Using videos of coachable events and activity tracking, this module helps detect prohibited activities, such as mobile phone use or smoking.

Claims management

Detects collisions and immediately notifies fleet managers to file a FNOL (first notice of loss) claim. It streamlines the process and increases accuracy by capturing relevant video, time, location and other important details before automatically populating the FNOL report. This module also helps intercept frivolous or fraudulent claims.

Safety insight

Provides fleets with actionable data and configurable reports.

Driver engagement

Offers fleets a suite of features designed to entice driver engagement. Nauto’s Driver App, for example, enables them to view their own safety scores and event videos.

Providing the context to proactively manage driver safety

John Ufheil, executive vice president of strategic planning and business advancement and co-owner, Daytona Beverages, commented: “Nauto is the only solution that’s both proactive and provides the context needed to furnish real-time and effective coaching.”

Nauto’s customer Fleetkor in South Africa, a country with one of the worst driving safety records in the world, is committed to promoting safer driving. Sifiso Twala, managing director, said: “We use Nauto to help our customers mitigate risks.”

Shweta Shrivastava, vice president of products, Nauto, explains how the platform helps commercial fleets protect their most critical assets: “We designed the Nauto Driver Behavior Learning Platform to be the most important part of a commercial fleet’s driver safety program. By alerting drivers to danger before it’s too late, or offering clear and actionable coaching in the moment, companies are quickly learning the power of Nauto’s platform to reinvent fleet economics and keep drivers safe.”

No longer the stuff of science fiction, Nauto’s platform is demonstrating a practical application of AI in promoting safer driving, which in future will include advanced safety features and vehicles that can recognise road signs and hazards and better interact with the environment.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway