5 Feb 24

Europe – leading the way in renewable energy

Europe is leading the world in transitioning to a low-carbon vehicle fleet, and renewable energy plays a vital role in this transformation. 

There is a strong public mandate for the development and use of renewable energy. A recent survey by the European Parliament found that 62% of Europeans are willing to pay more for renewable energy.

Fleet Statistics - Europe

No. of fleet vehicles


Avg. Age of fleet vehicle

11.8 years*

Avg. Annual fleet mileage


Avg. fleet vehicle cost


Avg. lease duration

32 months*

*Europe is a highly diverse continent, so average figures do not represent this diversity.

Government Goals

EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) sets a target of 32% renewable energy consumption by 2030, with a binding sub-target of at least 27% for the transport sector, increasing to 40% by 2030 under the REPowerEU plan.

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) requires member states to establish a network of public charging points for electric vehicles, hydrogen and LNG refuelling stations.

Emissions Performance Standards (Euro 7) set maximum emissions limits for new passenger cars and vans.

The city of Oslo, Norway, has a goal of becoming the world's first car-free city by 2030.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The EU's ambitious climate targets, government support, and private sector investment are creating a strong momentum for adopting renewable energy sources for vehicles. 

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Authored by: Alison Pittaway