29 May 18

Geotab expert session addresses managing data in telematics

Providing telematics for the ever growing connected-car fleet provides fleet managers several benefits, including more efficient fuel usage, vehicle tracking in the case of theft, among others. However, with the growing concern of cybersecurity and privacy, knowledge of how to successfully manage big data in telematics systems is key.

Ending the first day of the Global Fleet Conference in Rome on May 29 was the expert discussion session of Geotab, the multinational open-platform telematics company based in Canada. 
Joining in the discussions were Geotab executive VP of Sales and Marketing Colin Sutherland and Geotab Director of Europe Stefano Puduzzi.
They were joined by David Madrigal who is the president of multinational fleet management company Element Fleet in Mexico and John Dmochowsky, global fleet manager for US-based and beverage company Mondelez International.

Sutherland started off by saying that we need to put vehicle performance first [happy business] as opposed to putting happy drivers first like many like to say. Moreover, “Security is a journey not a destination,” he said, explaining that fleet managers need to remember that security is a never-ending task.

We cannot get comfortable and have a false feeling of security. Data is essential. Don’t run and hide from it. Just face it, he said.

Peduzzi added by mentioning the importance of abiding to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Besides giving guidance on how to improve data protection, it sets penalties for non-compliance, and maps out a clear set of rules.

According to Madrigal, fleet managers can face lawsuits in the case of theft so that is why connected vehicles are crucial. “We need to leverage this technology to achieve smarter, more reliable, and efficient fleets with a cost benefit.

However, we need to remember that Latin America is different than regions [such as Europe and the United States], Madrigal added.

For instance, telematics is used more to control theft than for fuel efficiency and greener solutions. Moreover, telematics in not as apparent in Latin America. While 100% of GM cars have the OnStar vehicle safety system, it is not in GM cars in Mexico, as well as other countries.

Finally, Dmochowsky expressed that it is key to have a plan in the case your cars get hacked. The biggest challenge for a fleet manager is the unknown. If a hacker gets into your system, he or she can control numerous things from your vehicle. So have a steadfast process in place to deal with this.


Authored by: Daniel Bland