18 Dec 19

Otonomo and GreenRoad partner to motivate safer driving

One of the key challenges for inspiring better, safer driving for commercial fleets is influencing driver buy-in.

A partnership between automotive data services provider Otonomo and GreenRoad Technologies, supplier of driver safety and fleet performance solutions, offers an answer.

Most people think they’re a good driver, which is one of the reasons why it’s difficult for fleet operators to engage drivers in corrective or safety training. Many fleet drivers don’t think they need it.

In May 2019, telecoms giant Vodafone revealed that German motorists are the safest. A study of driving behaviour across the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany revealed that German drivers tend to obey the rules whereas Brits use the brakes and accelerator more effectively.

However, insurance company Esurance recently published the findings of research that stated 76% of Americans think they’re “good drivers”, while at the same time, 93% admitted to unsafe driving.

Lake Wobegon effect

A study from 1980 by a Swedish psychologist revealed more than 80% of drivers believed themselves to be “above average”. Famously, the phenomenon spawned what has become known as the “Lake Wobegon effect” (also termed “illusory superiority”).

So, while personal perceptions of driving skill appear to be out of sync with reality, commercial fleet managers need innovative and more appealing ways to instil good practice and correct the bad.

Changing driver behaviour through connected car data

Fleets were early adopters of telematics solutions and continue to look for new ways to use them to improve safety and costs.

GreenRoad, whose solution is used by more than 150,000 drivers in 80 countries, focuses on ways of engaging them and motivating them to change their own driving behaviour.

Otonomo’s platform takes automotive data from OEMs and fleet operators, reshapes and enriches it and makes it available to partners, such as GreenRoad, to develop a host of original offerings that deliver value.

GreenRoad analyses the data received for behavioural markers, such as harsh braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding and generates advanced risk profiles. It then recommends specific safety actions for drivers to take.

To date, GreenRoad has used a proprietary onboard device to collect this data. The partnership means the company has less to do to make this intelligence ready for analysis. It enables GreenRoad to bring its offering to dozens of OEMs and telematics service providers via a single integration.

The benefits of intelligent driving data

The benefits of the system are that it can help fleets reduce collisions – by as much as 20-50% in the first year (depending on the nature of the fleet). It also helps cut costs by lowering accident rates (which lowers insurance premiums), reducing fuel usages, plus maintenance and repair costs.

The solution relies on gamification to motivate and reward good driving behaviour.

The more drivers truly understand how they actually drive (not how they “think” they drive), the better they can appreciate the overall effect they have on the fleet. In this respect, Otonomo and GreenRoad’s platform delivers the data to where it’s needed most.

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Authored by: Alison Pittaway