10 Dec 21

Brazil EV registrations on the rise, topping 2% of market

Brazil’s infrastructure ministry, through its register of automotive vehicles Renavam, reported that 3,505 new electric vehicles (EV) were registered in November, reaching 2.1% of all new cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) registered domestically that month. 

This was 26% up from October and 57% up year-over-year, Brazil’s national EV association ABVE reported. According to national motor vehicles distribution federation Fenabrave, a total of 161,027 new cars and LCVs were registered in November.

Meanwhile, January-November data showed that 30,445 EVs were sold, being 1.7% of the 1.79 million vehicle total. While the 17,909 hybrids (HEV) registered represented 58% of the EV total, plug-in hybrids (PHEV) represented 34% (10,397 units) and full-electric (BEV) approximately 7% (2,137 units). 

Overall EV registrations during the 11-month period was 54% more than full-year 2020 (19,745 units) and it is likely to reach 32,500 units in 2021, equivalent to an increase of some 64% year-over-year.

The Porsche Taycan is the most sold EV in Brazil with nearly 400 units sold in the country so far this year. It is followed by models such as the Nissan Leaf, Audi E-tron, Mini Cooper and BMW i3.

Brazil has approximately 73,000 electrified cars and LCVs on its streets.

Photo, courtesy of Shutterstock

Authored by: Daniel Bland