30 Jul 18

EVs, hybrids in Brazil’s corporate fleet

Approximately 2.4% of companies in Brazil have electric vehicles in their fleets, according to a fleet management study carried out by local NGO, Corporate Vehicle Observatory.

By 2020, this should increase to around 4.8% and shortly after 2021, EVs could represent some 20.5% of corporate fleets, according to the study which questioned 368 fleet managers across Brazil from March 26-April 13, 2018.

Hybrids, however, are seen as more sustainable. While 19.5% of companies already have hybrids, the number is seen rising to 24.7% by 2020 and 40.3% shortly after 2021.

As for car-pooling services, 47.5% of fleet managers use this shared strategy for their company’s entire fleet, 11.7% use it for part of their fleet, and 13.8% do not use it but intend to in the near future, the study said.

Although there is an upward trend, we can see that most companies are not even considering these options in their short-mid terms plans. While 79.5% are not considering electric, 59.7% do not have hybrids in their plans and 27% do not have car-pooling.

Photo: (Source: BMW)

Authored by: Daniel Bland