6 Nov 23

Andean countries team up to build EV recharging corridor

Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru are working together to build an electric vehicle (EV) recharging corridor to encourage the adoption of EVs and promote sustainable mobility in the Andes region.

Known as La Ruta Electrica Andina (the Andean Electric Route), it currently covers 15 cities in Colombia, boasting both fast and semi-fast chargers every 200 kilometers between the cities of Cartagena and Ipiales. 

To further allow EV drivers to travel with confidence by eliminating battery range concerns, it also contemplates 10 cities in Ecuador. The project counts on the support of companies such as Enel X Way, Terpel Voltex, and Promigas.

The initiative is jointly led by the Latin American sustainable mobility association Alamos, Colombia’s association of sustainable mobility Andemos, Ecuador’s electric and sustainable mobility association Asecmovel, and Peru’s association of entrepreneurs for EV promotion Aedive.

The  Andean Electric Route (courtesy of Andemos)


In Colombia, which holds the largest national fleet of the three countries, there is a total of 191 EV charging stations. A vast majority of them (41) are in Bogota, according to local news service Portal Movilidad and 37 of them are type 1 (SAE J1772), the standard slower charger. 

Meanwhile, local law 1964 - which pushes the installation of fast charging station in cities - has stimulated private sector investment. Besides multinational energy provider Enel X installing 15-20 in Bogota, Chile-based Evsy seeks to install another 60 stations in residential buildings along a stretch between Bogota and Medellin.

Local fuel retailer Terpel is also deploying four stations, starting with one in Cali in December and then one each in Chía, Girardota and Barranquilla in 2024. At the same time, local construction company Dielco intends to invest more than US$1.5 million in a charging network which should be completely deployed by 2025, the news service said.

Automakers also have plans, one being Chevrolet which is installing free charging points in cities such as Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Ibagué, Girardot, Neiva Villavicencio, Cali, and Medellín. At least 27 charging points are already in place.

Approximately 2,478 EV sales were reported in Colombia from January to September 2023, and according to Ademos data, this is nearly the same as the 2,551 registrations reported during the same 10-month period in 2022.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland