26 Sep 23

Fleet LatAm Conference zeroes in on safety

Global Fleet Head of Strategic Relations Steven Schoefs (pictured left above) and Fleet LatAm president Pascal Serres (pictured right above) kicked off the Fleet LatAm Conference 2023 in front of over 250 participants. The topic "safety" takes the lead on day one.

Alvaro Madrigal Montes de Oca (picture inserted), Mexico City’s General Director for Coordination of Public Transport companies, presented a keynote about the strategic mobility plan of the city which involves five pillars (integration of the city's different transport systems, focus on delivering services to those who need it most, reducing commute time, sustainability and promotion of bicyles).

The underlying mandate, is obviously to deliver a safe solution for all travellers. Jimena Camacho Torres, Vehicle Safety Project Coordinator for Red Cross Mexico, confirms tha tvehicle safety equipment is key.  “Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can save 3,632 lives every year in Mexico, ABS (1,578 lives), three-point seat belts (3,139 lives), and front and lateral air bags (1,449 lives).”

But there are more elements to the equation: accident prevention systems along roads are also paramount. “Well placed horizontal and vertical signage, new paving with high friction surfaces, variable lighting and message boards, speed meters, radars, and sound alerts can all help with road safety,” said Aleatica Foundation Director Fernanda Espinosa Arcega.

Lastly, increasing the awareness of safety in fleet management cannot be overlooked. “Granting professional certifications in this respect encourages fleet managers to keep up to date and constantly improve their skills in the ever-changing fleet world. Being more professional boost competitiveness in the industry and increases the trust that companies have in these professionals,” said Jaime Bringas who is a road safety advisor as well as Mexico fleet manager association AMAFA president.

Left to right: Jaime Bringas, Fernanda Espinosa Arcega, and Jimena Camacho Torres (source: Fleet LatAm)

Joining the spirit of the Inspiring Women in Fleet (IWIF) lunch which drew more than 70 participants, Karina Uribe, Global Operations Manager for Fleet at Pfizer, highlighted the imporance of inclusion in the workforce, with a special focus on women in leadership. "More trust in women in the fleet industry will not only provide more job security for them, but having both men and women in the workforce benefits organization," said Ms. Uribe (picture inserted).

The day wrapped up with the 2023 Fleet LatAm Awards which named six winners - being three Fleet Managers and Three Vehicle Models - and an evening cocktail reception. To discover who won, click the links below.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland