12 May 20

Fleet safety amidst COVID-19 goes beyond masks and sanitation

With the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining the emotional stability of your fleet drivers is a key part of controlling their driving behavior and overall performance.

Although many people are facing stress from losing their jobs or having reduced workloads owing to quarantine periods stipulated by local authorities, many in the logistics and mobility industries who are still working are also facing stress for several reasons.

Besides the fear of catching the deadly virus, they need to deal with the challenge of working under abnormal conditions and facing a slew of other uncertainties. On top of that, the complexity of the working environment multiplies owing to the constantly changing scenario.

"These challenges increase stress and can eventually lead to accidents," says Rosina Cammarota (pictured) who is the CEO of international traffic accident control and risk management company CEPA Mobility Care (CEPA) and country manager in Brazil.

Besides taking care of personal health by following the recommendations of authorities such as using face masks and gloves, and thoroughly washing hands with soap and water, fleet management support from CEPA's point of view is focused on two key areas, according to the executive. 

“The first is helping fleet managers and their teams maintain an emotional balance during the pandemic and the second is continuing to maintain driver safety once everything gets back to normal,” Ms. Cammarota told Global Fleet.

As for the fleet operators, keeping your drivers at ease all while pushing for engagement and productivity is a delicate balance. Although focusing on driver training is important, remember to pay attention to the human being behind every job title.

Everyone reacts differently in times of crisis. Keep in mind that even a top tier executive can be vulnerable to the stress brought on by the Coronavirus and the consequences it could bring. Despite these challenges, remember that they can be overcome with proper handling.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland