20 Sep 18

Global Fleet welcomes CEPA founder to Latin America advisory board

Global Fleet would like to welcome one of its newest advisory board Latin America members, Fernando Cammarota who is the Founder and Chairman of the Board for international traffic accident control company CEPA Safe Drive (CEPA).

Based in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, CEPA is a leader in Latin America when it comes to traffic accident control and risk management programs. It offers road accident prevention and defensive driving training for passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, heavy vehicles, buses, and vans. 
According to Cammarota, one of the biggest challenges for the company is to maintain the high standards it carries when it comes to service and innovation.

“Despite being a highly complex and competitive industry, it is the maintaining of high standards which has enabled us to win and retain clients for more than 20 years,” Cammarota told Global Fleet.

CEPA founder Fernando Cammarota (Source: Endeavor)

Despite having offices in India and Italy, the company is currently focusing on Latin America. Although it has offices in Chile, Ecuador, and Panama, its key countries are the largest markets of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, as well as Uruguay where it is headquartered.

Of all his accomplishments over the last 30 years, it is turning CEPA from a “one-man” operation into a company with 120 employees working in 28 countries which makes him proud. 
“As Latin American Fleet Safety Leaders, I’d like to finalize by saying that I gladly accept the invitation to join the advisory board,” Cammarota said.

Besides actively representing and giving back to the region and community we live and work in, my goal is to maintain CEPA’s reputation of being a global reference for Road and Safety throughout Latin America, said the executive.

If you are interested in joining the advisory board, feel free to contact board chairman Pascal Serres at pserres@nexuscommunication.be

Authored by: Daniel Bland