4 Jun 20

New Expert Insights targets how to optimize safety and reduce accidents

The Fleet LatAm Institute has published issue No. 3 of its Expert Insights series entitled "How to optimise safety and reduce accidents in Latin America".

Considering the spotlight of business operations, including fleet management, being significantly aimed toward health and sanitation today amidst the Novel Coronavirus, it is perhaps difficult or even confusing when it comes to prioritizing other meaningful aspects of fleet operations such as general driving safety which most of us already know of.

With that said, this edition of the Expert Insights is aimed at making sure you do not overlook the important aspects of fleet safety and making sure you stay on the right track. It is a must read for every fleet professional and you can download it here.

Written by leading experts in the field, this exclusive content is aimed at international, regional and local fleet managers who are active in Latin America. All Fleet LatAm Expert Insights are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland