19 May 22

Canada plans 1200+ new EV charger installations

Canada to install 400+ EV chargers in coming months

With Canada's target to achieve net zero-emissions by 2035, Natural Resources Canada (NRC) of the federal government has announced more than $6.5 million in new subsidies to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers across the country.

Falling under the NRC’s $680mn Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, recently announced grants ara available for the provinces of British Colombia, Newfoundland, and Ontario, as well as to multi-unit residential buildings across the country, Newswire Canada reported.



No. of Chargers

$3.54 million
(British Columbia)


Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation


help support the installation of up to 810 EV chargers across the province.


$1 million
(British Columbia)

Community Energy Association

Install 90 EV chargers in the Kootenay region by October 2023


electricity provider Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Install 113 EV chargers by March 2024


electricity utility Alectra Energy Services

$710,000 counterpart investment by Alectra

install 50 Level 2 EV chargers by summer 2022

(multi-unit residential buildings across Canada)

real estate management company Broadstreet Properties Ltd.

$993,000 counterpart investment from Broadstreet

install 188 Level 2 EV chargers in various locations



Authored by: Daniel Bland