18 Oct 23

US earmarks US$7bn to develop seven hydrogen hubs

US earmarks US$7bn to develop seven hydrogen hubs

The United States government has earmarked $7bn in funding to develop seven regional hydrogen hubs under the federal government’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Focused on accelerating low-cost, clean energy in the country, the new hubs aim to produce more than 3 million metric tons/y of clean hydrogen. They will help eliminate some 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, or roughly the combined annual emissions of over 5.5 million gasoline-powered cars, according to a federal government release. 

The seven clean hydrogen hubs are:

  • Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey)
  • Appalachian Hydrogen Hub (Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania)
  • Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub (Houston, Texas area)
  • Heartland Hydrogen Hub (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • Midwest Hydrogen Hub (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan)
  • Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub (Washington, Oregon, Montana)
  • California Hydrogen Hub

Among those seen impacting the transportation industry are the California Hub which seeks to expand hydrogen in the public transportation and heavy trucking industry and the Midwest Hub which is also has some focus on heavy duty transportation.

Image: Ocean hydrogen powered heavy-duty trucks in California (courtesy of Toyota)

Authored by: Daniel Bland