7 Apr 22

US government needs to beef-up its EV charging infrastructure

US government needs to beef up its charging infrastructure

The U.S. government may need more than 100,000 charging stations to support its plan for widespread electric vehicle use

Although the country’s overall network of charging stations comes close to this amount, the federal government only has some 1,100 stations, according to congressional watchdog GOA (government accountability office).

Electrification Plans

President Biden has announced plans to buy only 100% zero emission light duty vehicles for its fleet from 2027 on, and that all vehicle acquisitions need to be emission-free models by 2035. The US government has approximately 650,000 cars and trucks of which less than 1% of them were electric in 2021 so charging stations will certainly be needed.

The federal government typically purchases some 50,000 vehicles annually, according to a Reuters report.

As the US Postal Service (USPS) is not covered under the president’s executive order, USPS intends to buy mostly gas-powered next-generation delivery vehicles. The House Oversight and Reform Committee, however, is holding a hearing to discuss the matter.

In 2020, the US government spent $4.2 billion on vehicle costs, including $730 million for fuel, the report said.

Authored by: Daniel Bland