8 Jul 22

Canada’s EV charging points: Who owns them, where are they?

Of the 28 electric vehicle (EV) charging networks estimated to be in Canada at the beginning of 2022, ChargePoint had the most charging ports with 3,539 found nationwide.

Less than 5% are Level 3 fast chargers, and the rest are Level 2, according to Mobile Technologies which has an objective to facilitate EV adoption in North America by providing solutions such as its ChargeHub mobile app.

FLO EV charging follows with 3,412 ports (less than 10% Level 3), Circuit Electrique with 3,398 ports (less than 20% Level 3), and Tesla with 3,077 ports. Slightly under half of Tesla’s chargers are Level 3, and this makes up some 40% of Canada’s total fast charging network, according to local news portal The Globe and Mail.

These top four networks make up approximately 70% of the 18,500 private sector charge points in the country. As 1,000 or so were under construction in January, the number should be higher today (July 2022) though. Overall, it is estimated that 80% are Level 2 chargers and the rest are Level 3 DC fast chargers.

ChargePoint fast chargers in a parking lot. (courtesy, ChargePoint)

ChargePoint has teamed up with both FLO and Circuit Electrique to provide platforms that can be used across one another. With this roaming integaration, more EV drivers have seamless acess to thousands of charging stations. 

Meanwhile, Canada’s government is seeking to deploy 50,000 more charging ports throughout the country by 2029, adding to its previous target of 34,500, the report said.

Where are they located?

The province of Quebec has the most charging available with 3,654 stations and 7,555 individual charging points. It is followed by Ontario with 2,034 and 6,217 respectively, and British Colombia with 1,347 and 3,691.

Approximately 90% of Canada’s national network is found in these three provinces, and mainly in large cities. Recharging facilities will need a big boost in apartment complexes in the coming years as a third of Canadians live in multi-unit buildings.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland