19 May 23

Holman, Schindler Group partner to join U.S. Net Zero wave

Multinational fleet management and mobility company Holman is collaborating with global elevator, escalator and moving walkway manufacturer Schindler Group (SG) to electrify the latter’s fleet and target sustainability goals in North America.

This is according to SG Head of Global Indirect Procurement Guillaume de Subercasaux (pictured left) who spoke with Global Fleet shortly after his presentation at the 2023 Global Fleet Conference in Portugal which addressed the key prerequisites to successfully reduce costs and Co2 footprint in a turbulent environment.

Meanwhile, Head of Indirect Procurement in the United States Gibran Lehmkuhl reiterated that the company is “very committed to our world and our planet”. 

“Last year we formally announced our commitment to become net zero by 2040… There are different initiatives going on—rightsizing the fleet, using devices that will help reduce CO2—but electrification is a big component of that,” Mr. Lehmkuhl said in a company release (pictured right). 

To support fleet management, Holman offers upfitting, accessories, sales, and insurance for vehicles, as well as innovative mobility solutions.

The Schindler Group is not alone in North America as several companies are starting to join in on the Zero-Emission move.

In one of the most recent announcements, Frito-Lay is planning to deploy over 700 electric vehicles (EV) for its delivery fleet throughout the US by year-end 2023, a move that reflects the PepsiCo division's significant progress toward its PepsiCo Positive sustainability objectives, one being its 2040 Net-Zero Emissions Goal.

In related news, as a necessary step to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the country, the US environmental protection agency (EPA) has tightened up standards for greenhouse gas emissions.

Depending on how automakers comply, the EPA projects that at least 60% of new passenger vehicles sold in the US would be electric by 2030, more than the Federal Government’s goal stipulating that 50% of vehicles sales should be zero-emission models by that time. 

For more on what is taking place throughout North America, download your free copy of the Global Fleet eBook on the region. 

(Photos: Source: Linkedin)

Authored by: Daniel Bland