31 Mar 21

IKEA US pushing zero emission home deliveries with electric trucks

The U.S. division of multinational retail company IKEA is pushing to achieve 100% zero emission home deliveries by 2025, starting with the prioritization of its New York City and Los Angeles markets.

The company seeks to have a fully operational last mile delivery truck fleet of 40 electric vehicles in New York City by May 2021. Meanwhile, the current focus in Los Angeles is to create distribution and charging infrastructure at IKEA stores.

An electrified fleet of 50 trucks is planned in the Southern California city, starting in May, according to a company release.

“IKEA is committed to becoming climate positive by 2030 and ensuring zero emissions for home deliveries by 2025 is an important step in that journey...We will have 45 electric vehicles on the road by the end of May,” says the company's Sustainability Manager Jennifer Keesson.

To make this a reality, IKEA U.S. has partnered up with Fluid Truck, an online vehicle rental platform and leader in the EV truck sharing space. Through this collaboration, IKEA and its transport partners will be able to rent vehicles on a flexible schedule.

In New York, the current fleet is comprised of Lightning eMotors Electric Class 4 commercial box trucks and Workhorse C1000 trucks.

“Access to Fluid Truck’s electrified fleet through this partnership is enabling IKEA U.S. to provide emission-free last mile deliveries to our customers, while making IKEA more accessible and sustainable for the many,” says IKEA U.S. Project Implementation Manager Steven Moelk.

Sustainability Manager Jennifer Keesson and Project Implementation Manager Steven Moelk (source: Linkedin)

Authored by: Daniel Bland