18 Jun 20

SoftBank leads Series B investment round in Splyt

Splyt, an integrator of mobility apps and travel platform, has closed a $19.5 million Series B investment round to support its expansion. The round was led by SoftBank, the Japanese telecommunications and technology company.

Splyt says it makes global travel easier by enabling the seamless integration of mobility services into travel platforms, superapps and wallets. By interconnecting apps, end users can access multiple services on a single app, which increases convenience for the user but also loyalty to the app provider.

By collaborating with Splyt, SoftBank will be able to deliver on its growth strategy through the interconnection of apps.

Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO of SoftBank Corp. said: “With the continued widespread adoption of smartphones, apps are becoming increasingly integral to people’s daily lives when they shop, eat and travel. The proliferation of different platforms, however, is giving rise to the need for superapps that combine multiple functions into one app.”

Philipp Mintchin, Co-founder and CEO of Splyt, said: “Our aim is to enable our partners to provide seamless mobility solutions to their customers, letting them feel at home anywhere in the world.”

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck