5 Apr 19

Order your Ello ride with 2 drivers

The ridehailing company Ello is the first local ridesharing platform in New Mexico, but more interestingly it is not just another ridehailing company, if we have a look at its special features.

Ello tries to offer a more personalised service, with for instance the possibility for female riders to order a female driver, which should make them feel safer. Similar is the “Grandparents” feature that Ello offers for dedicated trips for senior citizens, whether they go visiting their grandchildren or have to go for a medical check-up. The dedicated feature must offer the older riders a convenient trip.

Another safety related feature that could inspire other ridehailing companies is the option to order two drivers instead of one. While the first driver brings you safely home, the second driver can take your car home. As such you have no more hassle to get home after a late night and having to find a way to get your car back the day after. And as a last safety related issue, Ello claims it performs background checks of its drivers, guaranteeing the safety of its riders.

Ello does not only want the best for its riders, but for its drivers as well. Therefore, Ello claims that at least 60% of every ride will be paid to the drivers as the company considers them as the backbone of the service. This statement comes at a perfect timing when drivers of other ridehailing services are often complaining about the decreasing earnings they make.

Ello provides its services at the moment in Albuquerque/RioRancho, New Mexico, only. Yet, its features could inspire others...

Authored by: Fien Van den steen