6 Jun 19

Bird adds electric moped to its lineup

In select markets, Bird users will have the option of picking an electric motor this summer. The moped, called the Cruiser, offers up to 80km/50 miles per charge and its seating position coupled with its much larger wheels could turn out to be much safer than the e-scooters Bird has become famous for.

The Cruiser will feature disc brakes, a padded seat and an LCD screen to show vital information. According to Bird, the Cruiser can be used like a bike with the electric motor offering assistance, or as a moped.

Pricing and details of where the Cruiser will be available have yet to be announced.

The Cruiser, which Bird has confirmed to The Verge will be exclusive to the Bird fleet, will help the company in its quest to expand its business. Presumably, the new vehicle will also help counter criticism about the durability of its e-scooters and of their safety issues.

Image: Bird Cruiser

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck