3 Jan 22

Egypt to launch electric bus fleet powered by Natural Gas in 2022

Environmentally-friendly bus powered by Natural Gas

Arab News reports that Egypt’s Minister of Public Enterprise Hisham Tawfik has announced that a fleet of buses (like the one in the image above) powered by Natural Gas is to be launched in Cairo.

In addition, over 70% of the components used in the manufacture of the buses will be sourced locally, in cooperation with several Egyptian companies. A delegation from the Belarusian Minsk Automobile Plant has also signed a contract to supply production materials for the project.

The fleet will include buses that can accommodate 14-50 passengers and is part of a strategy to produce environmentally-friendly vehicles. Production is expected to begin in mid-2022, with a target of 250 buses completed per year.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Authored by: Alison Pittaway