7 Jun 22

Fenix launches ride-hailing in Bahrain

Fenix launches ride-hailing in Bahrain

Fenix has launched Fenix Taxi in Bahrain (pictured). For the Abu Dhabi-based e-mobility and deliveries platform, it’s the first foray into ride-hailing, and yet another step towards its vision of a ‘mobility super app’ that covers a wide range of mobility options across the entire Greater Middle East. 

With a presence in five regional markets, Fenix already boasts the most comprehensive selection of mobility products in the Gulf region: e-scooters, e-bikes, shared cars, car subscriptions, and now also ride-hailing. It wants to roll out its latest service across two other markets over the summer. 

The Fenix app offers users the convenience to pick from a range of mobility options and to earn points via Fenix Rewards, the network’s loyalty programme. These points can be spent via the platform’s own integrated Fenix Pay wallet. 

“Providing choice empowers consumers to choose the right ride for the right time,” says Jaideep Dhanoa, co-founder and CEO of Fenix. ‘Often, the best choice is a car, and cars are also available on the platform.” And when it’s not, they have other options, including Fenix Genie: someone who runs their errands for them. 

All of which his offered via Fenix’s ‘mobility super app’. “Surfacing all these options through a single app allows consumers to make the best choice for themselves at that point of time, through a multimodal lens”, Mr Dhanoa concludes.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs