13 Mar 20

Careem now accepts what3words

Customers of taxi-hailing app Careem can now enter what3words addresses for their pickup and drop-off points in Saudi Arabia.

What3words is a service that translates the world into a grid of 3x3m squares, each designated with a unique combination of three words. That makes it very easy to refer to very precise locations, especially if they don’t have a standard address. 

Game changer
“Directing people or finding an address in Saudi Arabia is done in so many different ways – often with mixed results,” says Hashim Larry, General Manager for Careem in Jeddah. 

“Using three words and good technology to pinpoint a spot is a game changer for our customers and captains (drivers, Ed.)”

Route planning
What3words addresses allow customers to enter precise locations for places that don’t have street addresses like new builds or beaches. It also makes it easy for them to specify exactly which entrance of a large building, stadium or mall they’d like to be picked up or dropped off at.

Thanks to its precision, what3words can be used for better route planning and to provide more accurate time estimates.

Image: What3words

Authored by: Frank Jacobs