5 Nov 18

Push back frontiers in Tel Aviv

For two days in October, Tel Aviv wasn’t only the perfect destination for those who enjoy sunny strolls on the animated city streets, it was also the scene for the yearly Smart Mobility Congress, a gathering of top-level mobility players and the most promising Israeli startups in the field of smart mobility. Here’s an overview of some of the most interesting ones.

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UVeye: 360° scan of your car

UVeye (pictured) provides an automatic vehicle inspection system that detects a wide variety of mechanical problems, damages or foreign objects. Illustrative of the geopolitical context in Israel, the service was originally developed to detect explosive devices attached to a vehicle’s underbody but the developers soon realised the civilian market offered much more potential. The system consists of a scanning device a car can drive over without stopping, at the same time driving past two vertical posts that together give a 360° view of the vehicle. Companies in the fields of car sharing, fleet management, remarketing and car manufacturing may want to get in touch with them.

Moodify smells you awake

As modern cars move up the autonomous driving ladder, human drivers will be less involved in the driving experience even though they are still expected to be capable to take over instantly. Moodify came up with a system that ensures drivers keep their attention on the road and don’t doze off, using what it calls “empathic car systems”. It does more than merely monitoring and provides a range of interventions through the vehicle’s sound system, haptics, in-car lighting or even through a scent diffuser. Indeed, diffusing the right pheromones can provoke a fear reaction that wakes you up.

Electriq: water-hydrogen mix

If you don’t want your car to pollute, you can go electric. If you don’t like dealing with batteries, there’s hydrogen. Now, Electriq Global offers another option, which it claims delivers twice the range at half the price, which it calls Electriq∼Fuel. It is a fuel comprised of 60% water and 40% hydrogen, making transport, fuelling and storage much simpler. To facilitate global adoption, the company is offering its fuel as an open-source solution.

Greenspot: set up shared mobility services at no cost for local authorities

Greenspot takes strategically located curbside parking spots, installs EV charging stations and adds a layer of shared electric mobility, all at no cost to the city. Greenspot chooses the shared mobility providers that best suits each location.

This overview does not include startups that have been nominated for the 2018 Start-up of the Year Award.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck