22 May 18

Mobileye and Intel testing fleet of self-driving cars in Jerusalem

Intel and its ADAS subsidiary Mobileye have started testing a fleet of 100 self-driving vehicles in Jerusalem to demonstrate its Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) model and to gather data about how it handles aggressive traffic conditions in the city.

"To the Israeli driver, the horn is the most significant signalling device, used far more often than the humble blinker and with little more effect," said a spokesman to the company.

This makes for challenging conditions for self-driving vehicles. Jerusalem is also famous for imperfectly marked roads and pedestrians crossing where they feel fit.

The goal of this first phase of testing is to prove that Intel can create a comprehensive system using only camera data. Intel calls this a "true redundancy" phase with multiple, independently engineered sensing systems that can each support fully autonomous driving on its own.

Image: Mobileye car on the streets in Jerusalem

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck