23 Oct 19

Frost & Sullivan: Intelligent Mobility event in Tokyo

Global leader in Growth Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, will be holding its first Japan based “Intelligent Mobility” event in Tokyo on October 31st. Frost & Sullivan has a long tradition of delivering high value content, based on own research and experiences with the industry.

Regional, with global input

APAC is a global frontrunner for shared and on-demand services; the combination of increasing urbanisation, GDP growth and the presence of high-tech hubs and local investors are essential accelerators for the development of new services and technologies. Nevertheless, Frost & Sullivan has opened up the conversation to other regions with the objective to confront different worlds and allow for mutual learning. Representation from, e.g. Latin America and Europe will give attendees a taste of global intelligent mobility developments, in addition to a – already diverse – Asian view.


Organised around 6 key themes, the event looks at mobility from various angles:

  1. Vision of Future Mobility: a blue-sky panel discussion about the mobility value chain, disrupting trends and new income sources for traditional suppliers, such as OEMs, but also for the entirely new suite of downstream automotive services. (panel: Cartivator, Otonomo, Odakyu Electric Railway, Connector)
  2. Digital Transformation: the automotive industry is reinventing itself as providers of digitized services. Investments in digital retail and financing, connected and automated driving have become part of the industry’s DNA. An overview of market trends. (panel: Frost & Sullivan, Tech Mahindra, Amazon Web Services Japan)
  3. Future of Connected and Autonomous: Autonomous will be the real mobility game changer, but where have we landed in terms of tech, regulations or policies? Experts discuss projections, roadmaps and future business models. (presenters: Frost & Sullivan, Murata, Ridecell)
  4. Electrification & New Vehicle Architectures: Frost & Sullivan defends that electric (mild or full) is the future of the Powertrain. The exponential availability of electrified vehicles and a maturing battery industry generates multiple growth opportunities for the automotive industry. (presenters: Frost & Sullivan, Kreisel Electric GmBH & Co KG, Nissan Motor Company)
  5. Smart Cities: Frost & Sullivan will be presenting results from a 12 month / 100 city research on Smart Cities, focusing on the implementation roadmap and business opportunities. (presenter and speakers: AutoInsight, Frost & Sullivan, Navitime Japan Co. Ltd., Dassault Systèmes, Institute of International Economic Studies)
  6. Trends in Goods Transportations: new business models are transforming this traditionally low margin, but highly regulated industry. How will Connected, Automated, Shared and Electric further change the logistics sector? (presenters: Frost & Sullivan, DHL CSI Asia Pacific, NEXT Logistics Japan).


The event will be hosted at the Tokyo American Club on October 31st. Global Fleet will cover the event and report out in November. Stay tuned for interesting content from Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility event.

Authored by: Yves Helven