18 Feb 19

Uber platform for Fleet Management

Already announced and launched end of 2016, UberFLEET is an app aiming to improve the overall productivity for fleet owners by making the process of managing drivers more efficient and reducing their downtime. It uses Uber’s connectivity between driver and vehicle. Due to its functionalities, UberFLEET sits somewhere between telematics and vehicle management.


Practically, the application can track the location of the app users (more specifically: their mobile phones), trip starts & stops, driver behaviour and much more. The 2019 version adds driver safety monitoring, fleet performance as well as quality metrics.

The application is designed to help “fleet managers”, who are in this context owners and managers of fleets used for taxi services, such as ride hailing. The application is an important tool to enhance professionalisation of India’s popular and growing on-demand mobility sector.


Uber’s main competitor in India is called Ola, a local ride-hailer founded in 2010 and funded by the usual suspects Temasek, Softbank, Tencent. Also in 2016, Ola launched it’s Ola Operator, a business manager application with similar functionalities integrated in UberFLEET.

India is one of the few Asian countries where Uber is still fully operating; the Asian ecosystem is dominated by Malaysian/Singaporean GRAB, Indonesian Go-Jek and Chinese DiDi.

Authored by: Yves Helven