3 Apr 24

Australia expands fines over parking at charging point slots

Australia expands fines over parking at charging point slots

Australia is taking measures to secure charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) only, as improper parking has increased tensions among drivers. 

The number of available charging points in a region is a significant concern for electrification in any country. However, it is the availability of charging stations and accessibility. Non-EV parking at charging points or EVs occupying them for a whole day is a rising problem in the EV ecosystem, and Australia is taking new steps to avoid it. 

South Australia has added two fines over parking offences, which came into effect on March 30. These new offences include parking in a designated EV slot and occupying a charging area while the vehicle is not charged. To ensure the use of charging points for their purpose instead of parking slots, South Australia will add signs and symbols to designate spots for EV charging only. 

So far, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have implemented fines for improper charging point use, tied to the guidelines of the national Australian Road Rules introduced in 2019. 

The fines vary between states, according to offences, and range between 75 and 2,757 Australian dollars. The highest amount is for drivers blocking EV chargers in Queensland. The lowest represents a spot fine in South Australia and jumps to 111 Australian dollars if repeated by a driver. 

Analysts believe increasing public awareness is crucial while noting that some fines are high. 

The photo is courtesy of Shutterstock, 751183129.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen