22 Jun 21

Geotab and Xtract partner for advanced incident analytics

Telematics and connectivity expert Geotab have announced a partnership with Xtract, bringing that company’s advanced incident analytics platform to the Geotab Marketplace – essentially a fleet management toolbox for fleet operators. 

Xtract is a global leader in digital First Notice of Loss (eFNOL) and real-time collision reconstruction analytics. The addition of their platform to the Geotab Marketplace provides Geotab’s 40,000 customers worldwide access to seamless insights stemming from a collision, with digital, immediate reporting and telematics-powered collision reconstruction. The result: greater accuracy and efficiency in collision resolution, and ultimately, a lower overall liability. 

“Insurance and claim services are undergoing a digital transformation,” says Jim Davis, Vice President, Insurance, Geotab. “This InsurTech transformation is led by a variety of innovative solutions that help address legacy post-collision process and cost challenges.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Xtract to deliver valuable services within Geotab’s InsurTech ecosystem, helping to better enable our customers and insurance partners to benefit from a more seamless claims experience.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Authored by: Frank Jacobs