22 Jun 21

Goodyear launches connected tyre for LCVs

Goodyear has launched an intelligent, connected tyre solution for LCV fleets. Goodyear SightLine uses sensors and cloud-based algorithms to communicate with fleet operators in real time.

The solution provides information about the condition of the tyre, a key factor in offering predictive maintenance, which in turn helps to prevent breakdowns, minimise downtime, and optimise road safety and fuel efficiency. Initial testing shows SightLine reduces stopping distance loss by 30%.

On top of that, SightLine in future will also offer feedback about the condition of the road itself, which will support connected and autonomous mobility.  

SightLine is aimed in particular for tool vehicles in the field service, construction and last-mile delivery industries. The solution will become available later this year for OEMs and fleet and mobility suppliers in both Europe and North America.

Earlier this month, Goodyear and ZF already launched a connected tyre and fleet management package for commercial truck and trailer operators. Goodyear has driven billions of test kilometers with the SightLine solution, and is confident that it will have tyre intelligence in all its new products by 2027. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs