16 Nov 18

Mexico, the war on ride-hailing

After being driven out of China by Didi, Uber might now face the same fate in Mexico City. And there is another challenger on Mexican streets: the Mercedes Benz-owned startup Beat.

Newcomer Beat wants to beat Uber in the ride hailing market. The startup already gained terrain in hometown Athens and in Lima, but Mexico City iups the ante, with its 21 million inhabitants. Moreover, the need for job – drivers – and adequate public transport – rides – make Mexico a perfect market for ride hailing companies, explaining why two giants and Goliath now are measuring forces. Even though Beat overthrew Uber in Lima, where the companies started operations at the same time, it will be different in Mexico City: Uber is already a well-established player. Still, with the back up of Daimler AG, the company is prepared not only to conquer Mexico, but eventually any major Latin American city.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen