9 Jan 20

Mitsubishi signs up for Otonomo’s data services

Mitsubishi and Otonomo sign global agreement, Jan 2020

Automotive data services platform provider Otonomo has entered into a global commercial agreement with Mitsubishi Motors.

The deal will provide the Japanese car maker’s connected car customers in Europe and North America with new services while adhering to international data privacy regulations like GDPR.

The agreement enables Mitsubishi to seamlessly share data with third-party service and application providers – such as those that provide smart electric vehicle charging, parking, safety, concierge, preventative maintenance and mapping.

Data services crucial for enhancing the driving experience

“Connected car services are a crucial way to enhance the driving experience for our customers, who demand high levels of safety and comfort as well as convenience in their vehicles today.” said Shingaku Kochi, General Manager of Connected Information Business Department, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

The Otonomo platform will also enable Mitsubishi to make aggregate connected car data available for applications that benefit society, such as improving roads safety and traffic flow, and reducing congestion and associated emissions.

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Authored by: Alison Pittaway