11 Jul 18

10 Smart Ways to Charge EVs

With the rise of the electric vehicle, cities are looking for innovative and surprising ways to increase the amount of EV charging points: an overview of 10 practices which often can be used at the company level as well.

1.    Charging street lighting

In Londen Ubitricity turns lighting into EV charging points with portable charging sockets that create docking stations to the grid, and the attached connected smart cable functions as a digital fuel card.  

2.    Smart street lighting

Street lighting as charging points is seen in Los Angeles as well, where the street lights are also equipped with other smart technology, creating a cost-effective way to go smart. 

3.    Pop-up charging 

In Amsterdam EVBOX is installing pop-up EV charging points in front of houses but on public domain. This is perfect to provide EV charging on street parking places. 

4.    Charging Street lighting bis

Ebee Smart Technologies in Lancaster, California, turns street lights into EV charging points by attaching an actual charging station, rather than a portable one. 

5.    Smart Roads

More invasive is the use of smart roads. Near Stockholm, Sweden, two tracks of rail in the road recharge the EV when driving over them via a movable arm attached to the bottom of a the EV.

6.    Intelligent Roads

China creates intelligent roads in the eastern city of Jinan, by paving the road with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers. 

7.    Induction Roads

After its pilot project in its headquarters in Caesarea, Electroad is going to install a public bus route in Tel Aviv, using induction to charge the vehicles driving along it. 

8.    Induction Roads bis

In Europe, Renault and Qualcomm Halo are testing induction charging on a test track near Paris. The aim: using the road without using the electricity of the EV’s battery. 

9.    Public-Private

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Allego, a private company, partners with municipalities to facilitate the installation of chargers in front of people’s homes. 

10.    At home / work

At the end of the day, 80% of all charging transactions take place at home or at work, where companies as GASAG and Ubitricity install charging spots as well, and provide billing via an app. 

Image: Ubitricity street light charger in London (source: Ubitricity).

Authored by: Fien Van den steen